About Us

Luggage storage managed by Profer, is the ideal place to leave your luggage. You can find us in Pisa, Lucca and La Spezia.


PROFER, a cooperative society founded in 2011, developed in the current corporate structure in order to build a cooperative reality. The peculiarity of its government structure, which coordinates and check in a flexible way all the operators and their respective skills, uses a long-time experience matured by each member in their own Sector, ensuring a high quality of the provided services.

PROFER stands as single interlocutor for the customer also compared to the offer of a plurality of multidisciplinary services.
The synergistic coordination of the technical structure, organizational and management of its members allows to offer customers not only individual services but also a wide range of integrated services, making it possible to provide services in the global service formula.
Our society is characterized by the tertiarization of services.
All this has allowed us to acquire specific and diversified skills.
The evolution of the services market, which is starting towards the outsourcing of “no core” activities, with the emergence of management tools such as Facility Management and Global Service, it requires companies to possess a series of requirements and tools that are suitable for being competitive and credible.

Who wants to follow this evolution knows that everything goes through the ability to know how to invest in an increasingly complex market. In an overview in which the demand for specialization conditions competitiveness, companies have now made strategic choices for outsourcing services. We respond by developing service delivery capabilities to provide solutions “sewn on” to every reality. Constant care for results and constant commitment to continuous improvement are the principles that guide us, distinguish us in the market and make us reliable partners.

Enjoy the moment.
We will take care of the baggage.